Our aim is to preserve and promote Britain’s historical and intellectual assets and to provide assistance to vulnerable members of society.

We do this by supporting projects where our funds will make the greatest impact. We are also interested in projects where charities are having difficulty in raising funds from other sources.

We aim to be flexible while at the same time staying within our overall priorities.

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Funding for the Rainer Foundation to establish a bail hostel pilot scheme in Birmingham

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The Institute of Conservation (Icon) has launched the Conservation Awards 2015 Programme

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Six new major awards were revealed with prize funds ranging from £10,000 to £2,500 to be awarded to professionals, volunteers, community projects and organisations for their achievements in the conservation of cultural and industrial heritage in the UK.

From 22nd October until the deadline of May 15th 2015, projects from all over the country are invited to submit their entries to the programme, and this year marks an emphasis on celebrating the growing number of projects mobilised and made possible by the efforts of volunteers working with professional conservators.


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