Our aim is to preserve and promote Britain’s historical and intellectual assets and to provide assistance to vulnerable members of society.

We do this by supporting projects where our funds will make the greatest impact. We are also interested in projects where charities are having difficulty in raising funds from other sources.

We aim to be flexible while at the same time staying within our overall priorities.

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Funding for an innovative advisory service in Holloway Prison

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The winners of the 2014 English Heritage Angel Awards were announced on 3 November 2014.

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A church ravaged by fire and theft, an 18th century windmill, a Victorian folly, and a vacant and vandalised Victorian Church, were announced as the winners of this year’s English Heritage Angel Awards during an event held in London on 3rd November 2014.

This year’s winners were: Brian Cooke for the rescue of All Saints, Leamington Hastings; The Renewable Heritage Trust for the rescue of Howsham Mill; Adam Wilcockson for craftsmanship at Lincoln Cathedral; Inayat Omarij for the rescue of All Souls’ Church, Bolton; and Oldland Mill Trust for the rescue of Oldland Windmill, Hassocks.


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