Voices from Lockdown

Agenda publishes Voices from Lockdown, the final report following a year long research study into the impact of the national lockdown on the lives of women and girls, funded by the Pilgrim Trust’. Find out more here https://weareagenda.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Voices-From-Lockdown-A-Chance-For-Change-v2.pdf

Commitment to open and trusting grant-making

A new campaign has been launched by IVAR and London Funders, in collaboration with a small group of UK foundations and charities. They are calling on funders to adopt simpler, more flexible practices that make life easier for those they fund, in light of the ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19. Their ambition is to see these commitments extend beyond the crisis: to become standard practice in the sector. We are one of 50 funders who have signed up to their eight commitments and joined a community of practice with other funders and charities to improve practice together.

Pilgrim Trust Grants Awarded

The Pilgrim Trust has recently published all our grants offered in 2020 using the 360 Giving standard 
We are also pleased to share details of funding awarded in November 2020 cross both our funding categories, Social Welfare and Preservation and Scholarship. We were able to offer 25 grants, with awards ranging from small grants of less than £5000 to larger grants of £45,000 over three years.
Preservation and Scholarship
Social Welfare Grants