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Young Women and Mental Health PLUS is now open

We are delighted to announce our new £5 million funding programme over the next 5-years (2021-2026) that aims to improve the mental health of young women (aged 16-25) in the UK.

The grants programme sits as part of our strategy to help increase access of young women to high quality, age and gender specific mental health provision. This focus follows the review of our social welfare funding carried out by the independent consultancy Rocket Science last year, recent research and a range of discussions with other funders and stakeholders in the sector. Our Theory of Change can be read here – it sets out how we intend to do this both through our grants programme and through policy investment.

Following our review, we want to develop a more relational approach with our grantees and we will be making fewer but larger grants. Our remit is UK wide but in this first year as we develop our own knowledge and insight and start to identify good and emerging practice, the 2021 funding round is only open to charities working in Greater Manchester and Northern Ireland.

Key Features of the 2021 Round are:

– Open to charities with an annual income of between £100,000 and £1 million working in Greater Manchester and Northern Ireland

– Grants of £60,000 to £90,000 spread across three years available

– Successful grantees will provide age and gender informed services, strive for substantive equality and offer an integrated programme of support

– Grantees form part of a learning cohort to share good and promising practice

– Application is via booking a mandatory first step conversation with our Grants Manager, and then application form.  Our Funding Guidelines can be read here.

– Final decisions will be made by 25 November 2021

This grants programme is part of a range of activities that we will be carrying out over the next five years including strategic grants for research, sector voice and strengthening networks to support advocacy and systemic change in this field. Learn more.


In other news…

Pilgrim Trust grants awarded

We are also pleased to share all the details of who and what we funded in March 2021 across both our categories: Social Welfare and Preservation and Scholarship. Click here to learn more.