Experiences that will change your life

Today we can fairly say that the medias bring into our life more than expected. Actually, we get to see images from poor Countries more often than in past times and we can feel all the sorrow for those distant and sad children and population.

This is why compassion companies were born: helping poor people by getting funds and allocating them where they can get the highest impact.


Poverty and wealth

It’s probably one of the biggest contradiction the fact that areas of the world where magnificent civilizations raised at the beginning of the human history are now very poor. It’s the case of some areas in the Middle East regions: poor fishers living not distant from rich businessmen.

Skyscrapers and small villages are one next to the other one and this pattern create a unique still attractive panorama for the many tourists who go to visit those places.

Petra, the old city made of rocks, in the Jordan with the Red and Dead Seas is the most magnificent place to visit in the Middle East area and it’s not by case that it’s one of the seven wonders that Ladbrokes Games offer you to visit. Think about staying in a luxury hotel for 3 nights, touring all around spending £1,000 free money and living an amazing experience!


Live to win!

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For the month of September Ladbrokes is rewarding the 100 runners up with a share of £1,000. The draw will take place on 1st October 2014 and the promo will last from September 2014 to March 2015: seven months for seven wonders.

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