Apply for a Grant

The Pilgrim Trust runs two grant programmes that you can apply to: Preservation and Scholarship and Young Women’s Mental Health.


Unlike previous years, the application process is now different for each grant stream. If you are interested in making an application, please read the relevant instructions below carefully.


Preservation and Scholarship

Before making an application, you can find our more about the Preservation and Scholarship programme here. Please also read our Funding Guidelines and FAQs carefully.

If your project does not fall within the funding areas outlined in our guidelines, we will not be able to consider it. We can only accept applications from UK registered charities where the work or project is UK based, organisations that are exempt from registration, recognised public bodies and registered friendly societies.

If you conclude that your project does fit, then please submit a Stage One application form using our online applications system, Flexigrant. We will assess your application and let you know within four weeks via email whether your Stage One application has or has not been successful. Please use a unique email address specific to you when applying – using a colleague’s or generic email addresses makes it difficult to track your application(s).

If you have been successful, you will be invited to complete a Stage Two application. This is where you will set out your proposal in full. You will be sent an email with a link to the Stage Two online application form. The Stage Two application form will also be on Flexigrant and populated with the information you submitted at stage one, so you will not have to repeat it.

It is important that you keep your log in details for Flexigrant safe as you will need these as your application progresses. If you have any issues using Flexigrant, please contact for assistance.


Young Women’s Mental Health

Before starting an application, please read our funding guidelines to check your eligibility. Grants of £60,000 to £90,000 spread across three years are available. Charities need to be working in Northern Ireland or the North East or North West of England to be eligible.

We have a two-stage process for applications.

Stage 1: Book a telephone conversation with our Grants Manager to talk through your proposal and answer any questions you might have.

Book a conversation by filling in this form. The form opens on 1 June and closes on 29 July. You cannot apply before having this conversation. After the conversation, you will get an immediate decision on whether your project is eligible to go to the next stage.

Stage 2: We will send you an application form and this is where you set out your proposal in full. All stage two applications are made on our online grants system, Flexigrant. You can look at our application form for reference here.


Image kindly provided by The Creative Dimension Trust