Apply for a Grant

The Pilgrim Trust has amended its Social Welfare guidelines. 


Our focus remains work with women and girls.  We are interested in effective early interventions that help to foster greater opportunities and to give more control to disadvantaged women and girls.

Please see our Funding Guidelines for further details.


We can only accept applications from UK registered charities where the work or project is UK based, organisations that are exempt from registration, recognised public bodies and registered friendly societies. Before making an application please read our Funding Guidelines document carefully. If your project does not fall within the two priority funding areas outlined in our guidelines we will not be able to consider it.

Once you have read our Funding Guidelines and in preparation for making your application, we recommend that you refer to the FAQ section of our website for additional advice and information.

You will need to register with our new online system, Flexigrant, and complete the short Stage 1 application form and submit it. It is important that you keep your log in details safe as you will need these as your application progresses and please ensure that these are shared with anyone within your organisation who is dealing with the application. Please contact us if the person who originally made the application moves on as we will need to amend the contact details.

We will assess your application and let you know within three/four weeks whether your application is invited to proceed to a Stage 2 application.  If you have been successful we will send you an email with a link to your Stage 2 application.  The Stage 2 form will be populated with the information you submitted at Stage 1, so you will not have to repeat it.  If you have not been successful at Stage 1, you will be informed by email. The email will be sent to the registered user.

Please click on the link below to make an application.



Image kindly provided by The Dulwich Picture Gallery