The Salmon Centre

Salmon Youth Centre is one of the longest continuously serving youth centres in the UK.  The Pilgrim Trust is funding the “Thrive” project at Salmon for two years: a programme for young women and girls who are considered to be at risk of abuse, exploitation, offending, disengaging from education and other negative behaviours.  The programme also engages with young women who are already in trouble with the criminal justice system or who are facing significant challenges.

“Thrive” involves a programme of activities aimed at promoting the positive development of young women and girls between the ages of 6 and 24.  The project builds the confidence and self-esteem of young women and girls, teaches them new skills, and introduces them to new opportunities and work with their families to address underlying problems.  Ultimately, the intention is to raise aspirations and improve overall achievement.

The core programme of activities that make up “Thrive” includes: one-to-one mentoring; key-working at a point of crisis and also to work intensively with young women and girls with complex needs; the provision of opportunities to gain qualifications & awards (e.g. AQAs, Duke of Edinburgh, NVQs), employment training and work experience and life skills sessions (e.g. healthy eating, nutrition, fitness, sexual health, drugs & alcohol awareness, hygiene and budgeting). In cases where girls are in trouble with the criminal justice system, the project steps in to provide support on a case-by-case basis. This project will support 300 young women and girls overall and, at any one time, will include at least 30 young women with complex needs.

Photographs with kind permission of The Salmon Centre