Established in 2000, Doncaster Ethnic Minority Regeneration Partnership (DEMRP) started life as a project within the Racial Equality Unit at Doncaster Council.  The impetus for the project was a recognition that Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) voices were not being included in development plans for their communities.  Today, DEMRP is a partnership of 16 BME organisations.  The charity provides Advice and Guidance and English Language training and works with new arrivals, host communities and BME communities to improve skills and encourage social engagement and integration.


In 2013 the Home Office funded Doncaster Ethnic Minority Regeneration Partnership to run a three-year project aimed at integrating new arrivals into the host community.  The final year of the project focused specifically on working with women.

Most of DEMRP’s clients came to the project to gain qualifications in English and numeracy in order to improve their employability.  However, DEMRP recognised that their female clients had experienced issues such as domestic violence, trafficking, and mental health and needed specialist support.

The Pilgrim Trust provided grant funding for the Training Manager’s post so the project has been able to deliver a programme of awareness raising events, workshops and training on topics such as FGM, trafficking and forced marriages.  Training included guest speakers from organisations such as Safer Lives and Doncaster Woman’s Aid. Participants in the scheme have benefitted from improved communication, better employment skills and gained in confidence.


Photographs with kind permission of the Doncaster Ethnic Minority Regeneration Partnership.