Since 2006 The Pilgrim Trust has worked in partnership with The National Archives and other funders to provide funding for essential work on the nation’s archives. A review commissioned by The Pilgrim Trust in 2016 demonstrated that a dedicated funding programme for cataloguing is still essential if the public is to be able to gain access to the riches of our documentary heritage. In response to the review findings The Pilgrim Trust in collaboration with The National Archives have developed Archives Revealed.  

The Pilgrim Trust has long been interested in supporting projects such as conservation and cataloguing which preserve original material and enable organisations to make objects, collections and archives available to the public and researchers.  It is also keen to work in partnership with other organisations who have expertise.  It has worked with The National Archives on cataloguing hidden archives for over ten years, first through the Cataloguing Grants Programme and now through Archives Revealed which consists of 2 funding programmes; cataloguing grants (up to £40K) and scoping grants (£3k).  This range allows for funding the cataloguing of exceptional, significant collections which are in high demand, and also to use micro-grants to help organisations to understand the significance of an archive and take the first steps towards making it accessible to the public.The 2017/ 18 Archives Revealed fund totalled £325k funding, £45k allocated to Scoping Grants, the remainder was allocated to Cataloguing grants.In a sector that is so under resourced one of the most pleasing aspects of Archives Revealed has been the additional support for the projects that has been unlocked by the funding programme:  In total – an estimated value of £251,884 of additional support for the Cataloguing Grant projects, either direct funding or in-kind contributions, has been released as a result.

Image with kind permission of The National Archives

Archives Revealed Report 2018