Association Of Independent Museums

The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) is a membership organisation established to support independent museums galleries and heritage organisations in in the UK. AIM administers grants to help AIM members with a variety of needs including training, conservation and development. The Pilgrim Trust commitment to conservation meant they were pleased to continue to support AIM with their relaunched collections care grants schemes.

AIM’s grant schemes cover the identification and prevention of problems in a museum or gallery’s collection as well as the conservation of the object itself if necessary. The Pilgrim Trust funds all three grant schemes; the newly launched AIM/ICON Pilgrim Trust Collections Care Audit scheme, The Collections Care Grants Scheme (formally known as the Preventative Conservation Scheme) and the AIM Remedial Conservation Grants Scheme.

The audit scheme provides funding for the cost of an accredited conservation professional to undertake a basic care audit to identify any key issues in the collection. It is hoped that that smaller museums will be able to put longer term plans in place to care for their collections and meet the standards required for accreditation. There is also the option to apply for a care audit before submitting an application for the AIM Collections Care Grant. The Collections Care Scheme has been set up to help small museums develop a more sustainable approach to conservation by offering them the support they need; professional advice, specialist equipment, staff and volunteer training. The Remedial Grant Scheme will consider applications from AIM members to conserve an object from their collection either because it has been identified by an audit or collections care grant as needing conservation or because the museum wishes to prepare it for an exhibition.


Images by kind permission of The Association of Independent Museums