The Pilgrim Trust work with The National Archives and other funders to provide funding for essential work on the nation’s archives dates back to 2006. Archives Revealed is a funding programme which supports the cataloguing of archive collections. It is designed to transform access to archives for a wide range of users, enabling more people to engage with the UK’s rich documentary heritage.


Archivists Charlotte Gallant and Mollie Horne look at the British Leyland Sales & Press Collection.

The Pilgrim Trust has long been interested in supporting projects such as conservation and cataloguing which preserve original material and enable organisations to make objects, collections and archives available to the public and researchers.  We are keen to work in partnership with other organisations who have expertise and we have worked with The National Archives supporting the cataloguing of hidden archives for over ten years, first through the Cataloguing Grants Programme and now with Archives Revealed which consists of 2 funding programmes; cataloguing grants (up to £40K) and scoping grants (£3k).

Archives Revealed aims to enable archives to identify, catalogue and make accessible significant collections that would otherwise remain hidden from the public, initiating new research and making connections with communities.

There are two funding strands:

      • Cataloguing grants: up to £40,000 for archives to create catalogues of important archival collections.
      • Scoping grants: these fund an assessment report incorporating expert advice on a range of areas relating to collections management and the development of your collection. This is a rolling programme with decisions made on a quarterly basis.

Please contact the National Archives directly if you are interested in applying.

Image with kind permission of The National Archives