Historical places in UK

Probably you
are already thinking about your next vacations, where to go and what to do and
how much to spend. Well, when organizing a vacation it’s important to consider
how many money you want to invest – so to say – in your vacation. Are you
looking for a hot weekend or for a relaxing two week long staying? Are you
pointing to the city or to the countryside?

You have to
ask yourself all of these questions and decide what it’s the best solution for

Here, we
would suggest you to consider the UK. Because of its many historical places to
visit. If you love the idea of a vacation relaxing but interesting with many
new things to learn and see, then you should think of visiting UK.

For example,
Stonehenge is one of the most famous places in the world. Stonehenge is in
Wiltshire and is a magnificent site made up of big stones. The scholars agree
that the origins of Stonehenge goes back to 3000 / 1600 BC and in its whole
composition the site represents one of the most mysterious and impressive
structures of its time. The first thing that a visitor can notice is that each
stone is very heavy and big: around 4 tons weight!

So, it
appears soon mysterious how the men of the past could transport those enormous
stones, because some of them come from South Wales.

Why Stonehenge
was built still stays unknown. There are of course extensive archeological
investigations on this point, but at the moment all we can say is an

To go and
visit the wonderful site of Stonehenge it’s necessary to arrange this in
advance with English Heritage, which is the organization that manages all
tourist visits.  

If you want
to enlarge your route in UK, you could also think to visit castles like the
Portchester Castle in Hampshire. This castle offers a wide insight into various
epochs of the British history. It was built by Romans and it represents till
today the greatest example of roman fort in UK. The walls still stand up to
about 6 meters height.

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