Prisoners Abroad – Money Tips For Prisoners’ Families

The Prisoners Abroad non-governmental organisation currently caters to the financial and psychological needs of the families of abroad prisoners, as well to the needs of prisoners who have recently been released or are no on release and deported to the United Kingdom. Thanks to the Pilgrim Trust grant worth £20,000, over the course of the next two years the Family and Prisoner Link Project will be able to provide the support that the families of incarcerated female prisoners over the seas are in need of.


More Money Sources – Is Online Gambling A Good Idea?

The Ministry of Justice and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently covers 35% of the costs for this project. The remaining sum must be raised with the help of charitable organizations and other sources. All money raising ideas are more than welcome and we are eager to hear your suggestions. In the meanwhile, money is still for the organisation to be able to handle the special family day events, 101 meetings and special support groups that are underway monthly. For those of you – either family members of imprisoned women overseas or warm-hearted people trying to help out the less fortunate – we recommend the idea of gambling. You will be killing two birds with one stone: if you choose to play online pokies Australia based, you will get to relax and better cope with your current family problems, and take advantage of the chance to win money you can donate to the charities supporting the UK project that has already helped 255 prisoner family members. You could try out the site as it is one of the most reputable and trustworthy gambling venues on the web. It caters to the needs of a rich variety of players – pokies, pokers, blackjack, roulette, baccarat etc – with the help of its detailed casino reviews and recommendations, news and articles on a variety of casino-related topics.    

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