Serving a unique culture

The culture of the United Kingdom is one based on a number of factors. It is an island country, separated in its own way in terms of religion, language, politics and art. But its four nations, each with their own customs, have their historical bond. Recognizing the diverse elements of our culture is what makes The Pilgrim Trust an effective member of the community. The Trust has for decades contributed to projects and programmes that a part of a diverse but bonded community. Funding from The Trust goes to a wide range of projects that reflect our current community and our heritage.

Recognizing a pastime

The customs and history of the island also affect its unique approach to the pastimes its people engage in. Gambling is one of those pastimes. The notion of playing games of chance as entertainment has of course been with us since the very beginnings of civilization. But its acceptance as a societal norm has long been debated on moral grounds. Largely because of the traditional popularity that thoroughbred horse racing has held in the UK for centuries, the country has taken a stance on gambling unlike that of many nations in the world. It is a tolerance born out of necessity – a recognition that gambling is so embraced by the people, that acceptance is preferable to prohibition. As a result, most forms of gambling are legal and regulated in the UK.

Evolution breeds conformity

While many nations of the world are still coming to terms with the issue of gambling, the UK has embraced it as a part of the culture. It has updated its laws to conform to the evolution gambling has experienced over the years. The onset of the internet brought huge changes in the way people played games of chance. Online access made it much more convenient for people to play, and it led to online services that cater to gambling enthusiasts. For instance, a person can visit this website to get all sorts of information on playing the classic casino game of roulette. The website offers a list of casinos, reviews and tips on playing. A person can visit this website for links to the best roulette sites. And you can even visit this website for information on apps for mobile devices.

With the convenience and popularity that the internet brought to the world of gambling, the UK responded with the Gambling Act of 2005 to conform to the trend. The acceptance of gambling is the type of culture recognition that helps set the UK apart from the world.

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