Tips For Raising Charity Money

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. While we understand your struggle to raise raising money for your charity and we are here to help you in your hardest moments, we would also like to teach you how to attract more donations by yourself on the long run.

Develop Your Charity Money Raising Campaign

Work hard on developing your campaign. Revolve the plan around the cause you are fighting for. Get all of the email addresses you can gather and send them regular newsletters or simple emails describing your efforts and updates. Use the same idea to send out invitations for your money raising events or auctions. Use your skills and creativity to come up with a persuasive letter explaining people why you need their help and why is the respective cause so important for you. Explain to them exactly who are the persons who will benefit from their donations. If you are fighting for a global cause such as the global warming or the protection of whales, make sure to have the phenomenon and its effects well-explained. You could also try to donate all the extra incomes you can get to your own cause. If you are skilled at online marketing, you can go to the website of the AffPower experts and look get in touch with them. Discuss their current brands that you could work on promoting in exchange of their commissions which will be a percentage of the net revenues, sub-affiliate commissions, or one-off payment received for every Real Money Player you can refer to them using your own campaign.


If you find the commission money is not enough for your cause, you can think about organizing a silent auction which is prone to bring some of the most rewarding results.


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