UK Pilgrim Trust Likes The National Lottery

We are here because we care. We care about Britain, we care about leaving a powerful and complex historical and intellectual inheritance to the generations to come. We care about the bright future of our youngsters and we know that only by preserving the country’s past can we help them learn from our mistakes and make them grow. And we are ultimately here because we want to offer assistance and guidance to the most vulnerable members of our society. We believe greatly in making an impact with the help of our projects and we know just how important charities truly are. Flexibility is one of our primary strengths and we plan on bringing our contribution to as much fund raisers as we can. This is also one of the reasons why we are support and are very fond of the National Lottery in the UK.  


Why Play The Lottery?

Because it is our national game of lottery, an emblematic game of our society that has been around since 1994 when its first license was granted. All of the jackpot prizes here are tax-free, which is a huge advantage for the lucky winners who will be better stimulated to share a small part of their good fortune with the less fortunate ones. Plus, 50% of the money people are paying to play the UK National Lotto games goes to the prize fund, while a nice 28% goes to good cause and the rest to the UK government, retailers, and only 5% the operator of the lottery. The site enables UK citizens ages 16 and above to purchase online tickets for the Wednesday and Saturday evening draws and cross their fingers for the big win. The Lucky Dip options enables automated ticket marking and there are nice discounts offered for multi draws and new subscribers. The record jackpot here was worth over £42,000,000 and the results will be immediately made available on the site.  

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